Sunday, December 23, 2018

Big Colorful Sweater

I finished crocheting my big colorful sweater from an ancient crochet book I found at Goodwill called Glorious Crocheted Sweaters.  

The book is edited by Nola Theis but the designers are Dutch named Ariadne and Eska Tijdscriften.  A few years ago I picked out the design and asked my mom whether I should crochet it.  She said, "It may take you a few years and you may want to gouge your eyeballs out, but I think you should go for it because it will be really pretty."

A few years and tears later, it's done.  Thank you mom.

Here's a link to the ravelry project. Yarn is Prime Alpaca by Galler. (My fave!)


  1. Congratulations, it’s beautiful 😍

  2. Awsome👍Mom was right .Happy Mothers Day💐


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