Saturday, February 11, 2017

First Grade "Modern Art Quilt"

Today I finished a work of love that will be auctioned off at this year's school fundraiser.  Each first grader created a "modern art" square in their art class with the same instructions.  Each square came out so unique and beautiful!  

Backed with Liberty "Pepper" fabric and bound with a small scale stripe . . . I'm in love.  I may just have to bid on it. 


  1. Love the quilt. What materials did you give the kids - fabric paint, markers?

    1. Thank you!! We gave each kid a square of fabric masking taped onto a piece of card stock and then a with a sharpie, they did their design with instructions from the art teacher and colored it in with fabric markers (I believe Pentel markers). It turned out super cute and it fetched $2000 at the auction!!!


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