Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hurry up and SEW!!!

Last week was a big week in our household.  It started off with a fabulous new addition to my pattern offerings: I finally published the boys crew neck sweater pattern. It's features very simple construction with a top down spiral and set in sleeves.  It's seamless (of course!!), with a fabulous knit look stitch: hdc in the back bar.  Simple to work up and has such a classic boy look.  This may be my favorite pattern yet.

Photo credit

Photo Credit
On Wednesday, I attended our neighborhood school's kindergarten orientation. Yup, my teency baby girl who was just born yesterday will be going into kindergarten in the fall.  This was her YESTERDAY I tell you.

1 month old - first smile EVER!  And I caught in on film.

And now look at her!

4 years old. Just as smily as ever.

My goodness time flies.  And then it dawned on me . . . I only have 6 more months to make her some school clothes.  I still haven't cheated on my New Year's resolution and I'm not going to start now.  Yikes, 6 months flies in the blink of an eye. So last week I made her a bubble skirt and a pin tuck blouse from the Ottobre Autumn 2010 magazine.  Here's the outty out (as we call outfits in my house).

The top was made from some very pretty, but very horrible to work with poly blend rouched plaid fabric that was on super duper sale at Joann's.  I adore the colors but man it was tough to sew, partially because I couldn't get anything to press correctly.  Definitely won't use it again.  But do you see that placket? Yes, I, Sarah Lora, made that placket.  It took every ounce of sewing know-how I have but I did it.

Dang proud of that placket!!!
The skirt is made from some lovely cotton chambray fabric I picked up at Goodwill for $1 per yard. I got 4 yards, so there's plenty left over.  Gotta love thrifted fabric.  The bubble skirt was relatively simple to make, however, I did have to ask my husband how to sew the lining and shell together right sides together given that the zipper was already in place and attached to both pieces.  I know it sounds like it would be totally easy, but for me it was a mind-bending proposition. Luckily my husband has a degree in engineering! 

Yay!  So we got a few more pieces together for the fall!  I definitely want to try to make that shirt again with some regular cotton fabric.  Also am thinking of making this dress for summer time dress-up. Elena will go crazy for it!  She's way way girlier than I ever was!  I'm also working on a spring  crochet pattern that should be done very soon if I can ever pull myself away from the sewing machine.  Stay tuned!

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  1. You have out done yourself. You are so thrifty and a great seamstress...and a talented designer too. Your darling daughter will be the best dressed child in her school. You are my hero.


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