Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sometimes I quilt too . . .

I finally finished my baby boy's quilt.  Never mind he's almost three and I started it probably about a year and a half ago.  My first born's quilt was finished before she was born.  Hey, I got busy, mm kay?

I chose a simple friendship star block made with coordinating scraps solids and prints.  The white background is made from a high quality old duvet cover that we just never use anymore.  My piecing skills are definitely improving!  No major gaffs in the piecing department this time.  I'd love to say that the green block is the wrong way on purpose, but it isn't. But, I do like it and I'm glad I made the mistake.

And are we liking the new camera?  I sure am.  I have been told by a number of people (all with sweet cameras mind you) that you can get great shots with a point and shoot.  Hmm, how should I put this delicately?  They are LIARS!  All of them!  You want to improve the look of your photography instantaneously - get a decent camera!  I saved up pattern sales for what seemed like an eternity and bought the Sony Nex C3 with a pancake lens.  It's not even a DSLR, just a step up from point and shoot.  Fabulous fabulous fabulous shots just right out of the box.  I still wasn't getting that nice in-focus object, blurry background effect I was hoping for so I sprung for a f 1.8 lens. 

I have also been practicing a ton.  Just taking the camera everywhere, snapping photos at work, at the kids' activities, at home, at the park, etc.  I still have a long way to go, but we're getting there!

On the crochet front - I'm working on a bunch of patterns at once!  Got what you may call "pattern bottleneck."  One of the patterns is a design I made for Galler Yarns.  The design is a secret and will be published by the company this winter!  So happy they chose to work with me, what a thrill.  I also have a cute girly fair isle style cardigan coming down the pike.  Hopefully we'll get that published very soon.  I'm also working on a few others including the felted ankle tab bootie that was a best seller as a finished item on my Etsy site.  Can't wait!


  1. Looking forward to your new pattern!
    I like crochet sweaters that stitch up in one piece. Also this quilt is great! you are a women of many talents.
    Jacqueline Mukweto


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