Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sewing, sewing, sewing! Te quiero y tu lo sabes!

I've been sewing.  Sewing A LOT!  Sewing so much that my beloved sewing machine decided it didn't want to go forward anymore and got stuck in reverse. I took the machine down to the sewing machine repair shop and learned that the repair would cost almost as much as a new machine.  It was time to move on.  This sewing machine was given to me as a gift from my aunts and uncles on my birthday way back in January 1996.  At the time the machine had been my aunts who used it a ton herself.  Although the machine has sentimental value to me, it had lived a good long solid life. The happy news is now I have a brand spanking new solid workhorse of a sewing machine.  Drum roll please!!!!

TAH DAH!!!!  It's a Husqvarna Viking Emerald 116.  It's basically the cheapest least frilly GOOD machine around and needless to say I LOVE IT!  Cuts through layers of denim like buttah.  No quilting foot?  Not even close to an issue!  Smooth, quiet, cooperative, beautiful, simple.

I had pieced a quilt before my machine tanked and now I just needed to quilt and bind it.   I finished it off with the new machine:

The Contraband Quilt

It's a scrappy log cabin quilt that I made using a combo of my husband's old shirts, a few fat quarters that have been laying around for years, thrifted fabric from Goodwill (purple striped fabric used for the binding) and a stolen napkin.  Yes, you read right, a stolen napkin.  See that orange Kaffe Fasset fabric in there?  That was the fabric my cousin used for the napkins at her wedding!  I mentioned at the table how much I loved the fabric and what do ya know, but my uncle swiped the napkin for me!!!  (Mags, I know you're reading this so I'M SORRY!  IT WASN'T ME!!)  This quilt is going to be forever known as the contraband quilt.

The quilt was inspired by this book and this quilt (which I believe was also inspired by the same book) I used free motion quilting for the border.  The new machine made it a breeze!!!

Ooh, Stippley!

But alas I hear the crochet hook a callin'.  I'm hoping to get my girly cardi finished and ready to test by the end of next week.  Fingers crossed please!


  1. Your uncle is an evil man.

  2. I have been fighting the urge to sew and this isn't helping lol.. Gorgeous quilt and that sounds exactly like the type of machine I need :)

    1. It's very fun, but oh so addictive! It's also hard not to buy lots and lots of fabric.

  3. Are you kiddin! I can't think of a better use for one of those napkins. I am so happy to see it go to a good use and beautiful as well. Your uncle is a smart man!


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