Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Icelandic Yarn!

My friend Julie just returned from exploring Iceland on foot.  She's adventurous, outdoorsy and athletic so when she decides to take a summer vacay she goes to Iceland and hikes through glaciers, snow and forest.  Amazing!  Here's a pic of her on her Iceland trip with a hat she knitted for herself.  I call it her R2-D2 hat (right?).  She's a beautiful person inside and out.

Julie brought me back some Icelandic yarn called Kambgarn in brown and green.  Perfect fall colors! It is squishy and soft and beautiful! I think it is the most exotic yarn I've ever worked with.

I decided to try out a new to me stitch called Lark's Foot using this tutorial by the Crochet Geek and it is super fun!  I think I'm going to make a scarf or a cowl with it. I love how quickly it works up and I'm already getting some great ideas of how I can incorporate this stitch into some new patterns.

Thank you Julie!!! <3 <3 <3

What is the most exotic yarn you have ever worked with?

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