Monday, November 10, 2014

Worldwide Artist Blog Hop

I was nominated for the Worldwide Artist Blog Hop by Alessandra Hayden from Just Be Happy (thank you!) and I am excited to answer the 4 questions and to nominate two talented crafters to do the same thing!

Why do I do what I do?

Because I am hopelessly addicted to, obsessed with, and passionate about CROCHET!  I love everything about it.

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How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My specialty is making cute, fun, practical, and easy garments for boys and girls.  I like layering pieces that aren't fussy to make or wear.  Easy is a must!  I love seamless, top-down construction.  

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How does my creative process work?

I start with my two muses Elena and George and figure out what they want and need and go from there.  I ask myself lots of questions along the way: Would she actually wear this?  How easy is this for me take care of? Is the piece sturdy and durable? For how many seasons can we use this piece?  What about it is special?  I always aim for simple construction.  I want the maker to be proud of their creation and know that both kid and parents will love it!

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What am I working now?

I have several projects in the works: I've got a kids hat pattern that should be ready any day now.  Also, I'm working on a project for myself: I'm following this vintage pattern from the eighties for a pretty wild and crazy sweater.  I'm also working on a super chunky fast and easy pillow cover.  That should be ready any day now as well.

Here are my nominations...

I am nominating two of my very favorite crochet peeps in the world, one is Theresa from Unravel Me and the second is Jonna Ventura from Frayed Knot. And because I'm a rebel, I'm going to add a third blogger whose work I admire very much: Mari-Liis from LilleLiis. I hope you enjoyed my post and I am looking forward to reading their answers!

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