Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dress Daze!

What did you do all summer?  I designed dress patterns . . .  all . . . summer . . . long!  I first fell in love with designing these guys way back when with the first little freebie I made called the Easy Peasy Toddler Dress.  I love getting a fantastic look in the easiest way possible, shying away from seams, increases and decreases and any complicated stitches.  I've explored different construction methods, stitches, fabrics and textures to always keep it interesting for the ultimate hooky bliss.  Let me know what you think of my latest designs.

First is the Tiered Summer Dress.  This has simple A Line Shaping with a unique tiered striping pattern done in a rainbow motif.  Super quick, super fun! 

Next I did the 4 Seasons Play Dress.  Wowza!  I love this pattern so much.  The yoke is basically a granny square and the skirt is a simple hdc shell that I "increase" by changing hook size.  This one is pure crochet bliss, super simple and the result is fantabulous (in my humble opinion).

Can you tell this is my photo and not Amanda's?  Must be cuz it's not in focus! lol.

And finally I finished the Pillow Case Crochet Dress pattern.  Just 2 rectangles and some ties.  It's literally that easy! I absolutely love the pictures my wonderful photographer (I love saying "my photographer") got of this dress.  Isn't she amazing? For this dress I used a J hook and Shibui Sock to get that wonderful drapey feel.  I've loved working with sock yarn because of the fabric it creates its durability and because it's washable!  Gotta love that.


What's been on your hook this summer?

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