Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Week in the Life of BHS

Okay, let's start off with the name, Ball Hank n' Skein - a few things to be said here: (a) balls and hanks and skeins are all units of yarn - in my mind, a ball of yarn is what you see the kittens playing with in Goodnight Moon; hanks are the twisted up yarn you see in nice yarn shops that need to be made into a ball to be used; and skeins are the elongated balls of yarn that you see at big box craft stores.  Those skeins are also in nice yarn stores, but you never see hanks in big box craft stores.  However, I've also heard that skeins can be any of the above - it's just a generic way of referring to a unit of yarn. (b) I practice law too and I thought it would be funny to have my own little yarn law firm - however, I'm thinking that no one except for my wonderful boss got that joke.  Oh well! (c) nicknames are forming - I'm starting to call this little crochet thing I got going here BHS - my cousin on the other hand refers to it as Ball Hankey. 
Next topic.  My week has been absolutely insane.  Good insane, but insane.
We went to the coast to see my cousin who was visiting from Virginia.  She's the kind of cousin who is really like a sibling. It was so great to see her but the visit was too short and I miss her already! We had visits from Aunt Gin Gin and Rey, we saw Aunt Mantie Mel, Johnny and cousins Sam and Kate and Zoe and Mikey and Katie, we stayed with Aunt Nanny and Harry and had so much fun with all the little cousins!  We also had visits from Uncle Earl and Doreen.  Just tons of family love. 
When I got back from coast I came home to some absolutely stunning pictures of my teal and pink cotton ankle tab baby booties that were taken professionally by Jessica White Photography.  Here are some of the lovely shots.

Is she not the cutest little punkin you ever did see?!?!  And the booties look great on her too.  So fun.

Then I started a new design.  I crocheted just a ton of little baby booties to felt.  I am loving, I repeat LOVING the way these little felted baby booties are coming out.   Here are some pics.

Note lovely tomato plants in the background!

This idea was not mine.  On Etsy, I just started finding all this cool stuff that I love that I can't afford right now, so I messaged a bunch of shops to see if they were interested in trading.  A few shops responded and I am in the process of doing 2 trades.  One of the shops requested a felted version of my ankle tab booties.  So glad she did because they are fantastic!  They are so soft and warm and fuzzy and cute and flexible and oh my goodness, I'm just nuts about them.  Stay posted for new listings and maybe just maybe if I can garner the strength, a pattern.

Wow! What a week.

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